La tarjeta NFT de Homer Pepe se compró por $ 320,000

In the past two years, a wave of NFT - non-fungible tokens - has swept popular performers and artists in different genres. Now everyone who has contributed to modern culture seeks to bail out a little green bills for him. Sometimes even well-known memes act as lots on NFT auctions!

The main character of the animated series "The Simpsons" - Homer Simpson is probably known to many. However, like the meme with Pepe the frog. But what happens if you combine them? The correct answer is a card with a price of 205 ETH. It was at this price that the unique card was sold by its former owner Peter Kell. He immediately rushed to share his joy in his personal Instagram account.

In 2018, he purchased the digitized card for $ 39,000. By selling it, Kell paid back his investment eight times! Peter noted that reselling a digital card at such a high price is further proof of what HYIP is capable of. He is convinced that the future belongs to him.

Unfortunately, nothing is known about the new owner of the unique digital object, and Kell himself is also in no hurry to give out the buyer to Pepe.

Sometimes really strange things happen in trades involving NFT. For example, a Russian who ate a bat decided to sell the video as NFT on the Opensea marketplace. This crazy idea paid off with a vengeance, bringing him $ 4,000, even if it almost certainly ended with an eating disorder.

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