Hester Pierce de la SEC promueve DeFi

The development of the DeFi sphere should take its course so that these projects can compete with CeFi. This was reported by SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce

According to her, the regulator has to take care of legal clarity for the development of projects. This will create a competitive environment and allow DeFi projects to offer users a variety of financial services.

Pierce said these words during her "Atomic Trade" speech. Interestingly, on the SEC website in the message about this there is a bright sign of the time - the image of two emoticons with a flying rocket.

In short, the idea promoted by Commissioner Pierce is that the regulator should protect the rights of investors, not current players in the financial system. Everyone should have equal rights.

Pierce's opinion may have been influenced by information from a recent congressional hearing on Robinhood. The CEO of this company called for real-time calculations.

It's time to switch to smart contracts that, without centralized management, make transactions fair, transparent and fast.

Everyone will benefit from optimizing the clearing process. It seems that the representatives of the regulator began to understand this. All that's left is to regulate.

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