¡DeFi es la industria más importante de la criptosfera!

DeFi tokens are growing steadily in price this year. There is no such leap in growth as in 2020

For example, Aave and Sushi projects have risen four and six times higher respectively. In addition to the price increase, the use of tokens in DeFi products has also increased.

TVL (the number of tokens locked in DeFi projects) is now just under $40 billion. As of 22.02.2021 it was $45 billion, but then declined.

The reason for the growth in popularity of DeFi lies in the target audience of these projects. It is wider than that of classic cryptocurrencies like Litecoin or Ripple.

DeFi projects are also different financial products. For example, AAVE and ALPHA tokens can be borrowed or loaned.

Like other tokens, they can be used to form a pool of liquidity of a cryptocurrency on DEX - decentralised cryptocurrency exchange.

In return, liquidity providers receive interest. They can be measured by an annual return (APY). For example, SUSHI/WETH liquidity providers earn up to 73.25% of APY.

This is a good profit, but not the maximum, because this industry continues to develop. Let's see what happens next!

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