¡Advertencia! PancakeSwap falso airdrop

Scammers have launched a fake Cake handout and are deceiving users of the cryptosphere

Many crypto-users, whose emails were compromised during last year's hack of the Ledger wallet, had a hard time. Their data is known and that is what is actively used by fraudsters.

Recently, emails from scammers posing as PancakeSwap began to arrive at compromised emails. The letter says that DEX conducts airdrop 400 CAKE at a price of about $12,000.

At the same time there is a link to a fake site, when you go to and enter their login and password scammers can access the account on PancakeSwap.

PancakeSwap representatives are aware of the problem. They warned their 459.3K followers on Twitter that they had nothing to do with such airdrops and are advised without regret to send such emails in spam.

The reason for the close attention of fraudsters to this project is its active growth in recent months. PancakeSwap works on the Binance blockchain, offering fast and cheap transactions. In short, it is popular and known in broad circles. That's on this fame and decided to play camera. Be careful!

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