Steve Wozniak perdió la corte contra YouTube relacionado con una estafa de cripto

Co-founder of the legendary Apple, Steve Wozniak failed to win a lawsuit against the video hosting YouTube. Earlier, he filed a lawsuit because of the videos distributed on the resource with the alleged distribution of cryptocurrencies on his behalf.

According to Bloomberg, Santa Clara Superior Circuit Judge Sunil R. Kulkarni ruled that section 230 of the Federal Communications Integrity Act protects Google, which excludes Google and YouTube, in particular, from liability for content posted by users. within the resource.

Wozniak, in turn, argued that YouTube management deliberately allowed targeted advertising to be sold, attracting a significant amount of network traffic to fraudulent videos spreading bitcoin scams that question his image. The Apple co-founder wasn't the only plaintiff in the case. In addition to him, another 17 people filed a lawsuit. Based on the document, in addition to the image of Wozniak, the scammers also “spoiled” the reputation of Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and other American techno-entrepreneurs.

The creators of the scam in the form of advertising inserts offered everyone to double their bitcoin deposits by sending a certain amount of coins to the wallet using a QR code. And there is in social networks, like Twitter, the community has long been accustomed to similar types of scams with fakes by Elon Musk and others, but in the case of YouTube, many decided to “make money” of the scammers. However, the exact amount of money lost by the deceived people remains unknown.

As a result of the consideration of the case, the court retained YouTube's immunity from the claim of Wozniak and other plaintiffs. But he gave them 30 extra days to appeal.

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