La policía japonesa arresta a 30 personas en 2018 Coincheck hack

Japanese police arrest 30 people in 2018 Coincheck hack

Japanese police are investigating the Coincheck cryptocurrency exchange hack in 2018. During the investigation, 30 people were found to be involved in laundering money stolen from the exchange.

All suspects were arrested and sent to the local prosecutor's office for investigative measures. This was reported by the Japanese news agency Nikkei Asia on January 22.

As a reminder, the Coincheck hack in January 2018 resulted in the theft of NEM (XEM) worth $534 million. This is one of the largest hacks to date. Therefore, this investigation was given maximum attention.

The police traced accounts on other cryptocurrency exchanges through which the stolen NEMs were withdrawn and laundered. According to the news agency, it is an amount of up to 20 billion yen - approximately $193 million at the time of this publication.

The investigation is ongoing. There is no 100% clarity about who hacked the exchange and robbed users. In March 2020, in this case, two men were arrested who bought part of the stolen NEMs on one of the Darknet marketplaces.

Earlier, investigators also argued that Russian hackers could be partially responsible for the hacking. They infected Coincheck employees with a PC virus. This made it possible to manage remotely infected computers.