325 mil usuarios de BuyUCoin desclasificados tras piratear

ShinyHunters is behind the exchange hacking

After the hack, the personal information of users (phone numbers, email addresses, identification numbers and bank account data) was compromised. A total of 325,000 people were compromised.

However, a late report from Bleeping Computer said the data breach only affected 161,487 BuyUCoin members. On Twitter, cybersecurity researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia found leaked data including trading activity and BuyUCoin referral codes up to September 2020.

BuyUCoin originally announced that "no customer was harmed." But in reality it is not so. Despite the exchange claiming that 95% of the coins were stored in cold storage, privacy was breached.

This hack affected more accounts than the Ledger data breach in July 2020, which affected 272,853 people. We already wrote that some users received threats.

With this in mind, Rajahariya, as a BuyUCoin user, is worried that the data from his account may be used for illegal activities. He says the exchange's initial statement was just irresponsible!