Ethereum cayó por debajo de los $ 2,000, pero ¿puede subir?

Ethereum continued its decline from the level of $2,000, and a new impetus for growth is predicted in the region of prices above $2,010.

After falling below the $2,050 support level, ETH didn't stop even at $2,000. Now the main altcoin on the market is trying to consolidate losses and equalize in price, and at the time of this writing, it is already trading at $1995.19 on the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange.

It was not the first fall below $2,100 this week that made itself felt after the token began a correction. ETH hit a low of $1,930 on Kraken yesterday, before climbing up again.

So far, a bearish “picture” is looming on the chart with resistance around $2,065. Therefore, it is very important for the coin to approach the coveted level of $2,010 as quickly as possible in order not to continue an even more rapid fall. In case of reaching $2,010, the altcoin has every chance to reach the level above $2,030 and continue to grow in the bullish zone.


If the coin falls even lower, it will reach the major support level around $1,940. After it, the nearest support of the token will be possible only in the region of $1,880.

But we really hope that Ethereum will not test the $1,850 bottom.

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