La ronda final de venta de CLV en Coinlist tendrá lugar el 4 de mayo

The final round of the CLV sale for community members of the Coinlist cryptocurrency platform will take place on May 4. Previously, the team completed three rounds of Clover token sales.

The fourth round of CLV sales will begin on May 4th at 17:00 UTC. The total trading volume will be about 15% of the initial supply or 22.5 million tokens. They will also add coins that were canceled by buyers during previous rounds. We are talking about bots, accounts registered from the same IP address, are involved in other violations of the terms during the sale of CLV. The total pool of coins is 37.7 million, and the number of new users who will join the final round is 7,500.

The price of one CLV token is $0.20, and the purchase limit is from $100 to $1,000 for one participant. In this case, the funds will be blocked for a period of 12 months, after which they can be used. They intend to continue the round of sales until the entire pool of coins is sold.

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