Revisión de OrbitGTM: ¿OrbitGTM es una plataforma de negociación legal?

More and more people are gravitating towards online trading these days as this particular domain has proven to have a lot of potential in the last couple of years. However, before you jump in as well, you have to first select a reliable trading platform where you have to sign up with a broker. 

So which platform should you go for given that there are so many out there? I would recommend OrbitGTM which I personally found to be very good.

Read on for a detailed review of the top features of the OrbitGTM trading platform. By the time you have finished reading this OrbitGTM review, you are sure to get a better idea why this is the best platform for you.

Payment Methods

When you trade on OrbitGTM, you can fund your investment account very easily with multiple payment methods. You can select between debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers and other payment solutions such as Upay and Moneynet. If you would like to make a quick deposit in your account, I would suggest you go for credit or debit card as you will be able to deposit the funds within the same day. On the other hand, if you would like to deposit a large sum, then bank transfer is your best bet as you will not have to rely on using a credit card.

Just keep in mind that bank transfers take up to 2-7 business days so it is important that you plan accordingly. The above mentioned payment methods are also very quick to execute. You do not have to bother yourself filling out complex payment forms which takes a lot of time as you gather the relevant information. All you have to do is type in the amount you wish to withdraw or deposit, click a few buttons and you are all set.

In addition, regardless of which payment channel you go for, you will be automatically notified in your email every time you make a transaction. This feature is very convenient as you can then easily manage and track all your investment finances.

3 Different Types of Accounts

It is true that majority of the online trading platforms around the world just offer the option of 1 trading account type to anyone who wants to sign up with them.  That often is a big obstacle for most traders as they do not have the flexibility to choose the type of account that they prefer according to the investment they have at hand. If you have a limited investment and the only type of trading account has a high deposit requirement, then you will not be eligible to sign up.

That said, OrbitGTM offers 3 different types of trading accounts- Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. You have the freedom to sign up for anyone you want. For example, if you wish to begin on a small scale and limit your risks, I would suggest the Beginner account as that allows you to start trading with just 250 euros. This is a very small sum that almost every trader can easily afford. When you sign up for this account, you will also have access to all the basic learning materials and trading tools allowing you to start trading right away.

On the flip side, if you have big pockets and want to grow your trading portfolio quickly, then the Expert account maybe is the ideal choice for you. Although the initial deposit amount is quite high (to the tune of 20000 euros), you can invest in multiple assets and grow your profits very quickly.

Algo Trading

Incase you are not yet familiar with this term, algo trading is a computer program executing trades on your behalf. What you have to do is provide the program with some trading instructions which it then uses to place trades. Hence you do not have to do this manually.

OrbitGTM supports the algo trading feature that you can opt for to trade more efficiently. A big advantage of selecting this feature is that a computer program can make trades with remarkable swiftness and accuracy. If you were to manually make these trades, it would not be possible for you to match this speed. What that means is that courtesy to algo trading, you can make maximum trades within a certain time frame and grow your profits quickly as well.

You can also trust that the computer algorithm will not make any errors while it is analysing various pricing charts and will be able to make very accurate trades. Therefore, when you rely on the OrbitGTM algo trading feature, the accuracy of your trades skyrockets!

Customer Support

There is no doubt that an online trading platform cannot really hold its own without professional customer support to all of its traders. When you trade on the OrbitGTM online trading platform, you are guaranteed excellent customer support throughout your trading journey. No matter what kind of help you require or whether you have a certain question, you can just contact the OrbitGTM customer team and they will be happy to assist.

In order to contact them, you can either write an email or fill up the form on their website. One of their customer representatives will then reach out to you shortly to guide you with whatever it is that you need.

I would also like to point out that their customer division comprises of trading experts who are well versed with client service as well. Therefore, you can completely rely on their knowledge and trust that they will help you out in the most efficient manner possible.


So are you finally ready to begin your online trading journey. Signing up on an efficient online trading platform like OrbitGTM is what you need to do next. Although there are several trading firms out there, OrbitGTM is undeniably one of the best and most trusted in the trading industry. Therefore you can always count on them when you are trading online on their platform.

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