Efinity comienza a cotizar en CoinList el 24 de junio

CoinList announced the start of the sale of EFI tokens of the Efinity project. The previously scalable NFT blockchain managed to raise over $18.9 million in private sales.

What is Efinity

This is a new generation NFT cross-chain based on Polkadot. The main goal of Efinity is to create a backbone for non-fungible tokens supporting ERC-20, ERC-1155 and ERC-20 standards. The team is working on a comprehensive solution to the problem of exorbitant fees in the industry, trying to make smart contracts more flexible by improving their interoperability.

Selling on CoinList

Registration for the sale of EFI tokens is already open! Below you can find all the information you need to know about the sale.

End of registration: June 18 at 00:00 UTC

Sales start: June 24 at 17:00 UTC

Price: $0.20 per token

Minimum deposit: $100

Maximum deposit: $500

Total number of tokens per sale: 100 million

Blocking: tokens issued linearly for 9 months, starting August 4 this year

Funding methods: USDT, BTC, USDC, ETH

Users who managed to register for the sale will receive an email with a unique link to enter the queue. After crossing it, they will automatically enter the waiting room. Please note that early entry into the lounge does not guarantee the best place in the queue, as it is determined randomly. Those who joined after the start of sales will receive a seat on a first-come, first-served basis.

With the developers under the wing of Enjin, the pioneers of the ERC-1155 standard, and a massive network for gamers reaching over 20 million players worldwide, Efinity has secured solid support in its challenging mission. We, in turn, believe that they will be able to make the NFT sphere better.

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