CoinList anunció la venta de tokens Qredo

The CoinList team has announced the start date for the sale of tokens for the Qredo project, which is developing a radically new infrastructure for owning digital assets.

What is Qredo

Qredo strives to build a strong connection between DeFi and the asset manager by providing the latter with a convenient infrastructure that meets institutional standards.

The project team implemented a flexible way to sign transactions while ensuring the proper level of security. Corporate treasuries and hedge funds will be able to use the system to manage cryptocurrency assets by distributing signature rights among their corporate custody departments. At the same time, the number of persons who can be granted the right to sign is unlimited.

Key Features of Qredo (QRDO)

  • Tendermint is the consensus mechanism on which the Qredo Fast Finality blockchain developed, allowing to complete and process of tens of thousands of transactions per second
  • MPC is a next-generation consensus network that attaches layer 1 blockchains to discourage third-party theft of cryptocurrency assets with built-in protection that provides passage to DeFi smart contracts and institutional trading
  • Encrypted messaging using a decentralized messaging structure united with the Matrix network, Qredo makes it possible to encrypt private messages with transactions within its own blockchain, allowing you to create unique dApps for this purpose

Sale on CoinList

Tokens will be traded in two options. Please note that each of them has a separate pool, so users can participate in both options of the QRDO sale.

Start of registration: already open
End of registration: July 6 at 00:00 UTC

Start of Option 1 of sales: July 8 at 17:00 UTC
Start of Option 2 of sales: July 8 at 23:00 UTC

Trading volume: 30 million tokens in Option 1 of sales and 10 million tokens in Option 2 of sales

Price: $0.50 per token during Option 1 of sales and $0.225 per token during Option 2 of sales

Minimum purchase amount: $100 for both options of sales
Maximum purchase amount: $500 during the Option 1 sales and $1,000 during the Option 2 sales

Token blocking period: 2 months in case of buying tokens during Option 1 of sales at $0.50 and 6 months in case of buying during Option 2 of sales at $0.225

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