Los mineros vietnamitas comparten el hashrate real de la tarjeta de video Nvidia RTX 3060

The news about the limitation of the mining capabilities of the Nvidia RTX 3060 video card was received ambiguously by the crypto community. Some were upset, while others just gave up, claiming that in the end the craftsmen will find a way to mine bypassing the restrictions.

Nvidia's plans to separate mining and gaming have not yet been successful. Video cards are still scarce, and cryptocurrency miners are buying them right from the warehouse. Gamers, on the other hand, gritting their teeth, are forced to purchase GPUs at a cost three times higher than the recommended for retailers set by Nvidia itself.

An attempt to distract the attention of Ethereum miners from their new brainchild, the RTX 3060, by limiting its hash rate, was unsuccessful. One Vietnamese Twitter user shared a photo of the hash data of the new Nvidia card. Many were surprised that the speed in the photo was several times higher than the limit set for miners of 20-25 MH / s, reaching 45-50 MH / s.

Another group of Vietnamese Facebook users have confirmed the existence of a circumvention of the restriction, thanks to a modification, by posting an official statement about this on their page on the American social network.

Their words run counter to those of Nvidia's chief marketing officer, Brian Del Rizzo. In late February, he claimed to be fully convinced of the reliability of the hash rate limiter.

Trying to transfer miners to video cards of a special line of CMP, Nvidia hoped to be able to take their attention away from the new RTX 3060. But, apparently, gamers have a hard way to overcome the inflated prices and expectations of successful software solutions from Nvidia.

Against the backdrop of such news, a potential RTX 3080 Ti graphics card with a limit on the rate of mining of cryptocurrencies is already being skeptical from millions of Internet users.

The company itself has not yet reacted in any way to the statements of the Vietnamese.

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