Galaxy Digital comenzará a extraer Bitcoin

The new venture which will be based on the investment giant's base will be called Galaxy Digital Mining. It is planned to launch in 2021.

Galaxy Digital Mining will provide mining enterprises with a complete package of financial advisory services and products. With the help of the new division, you can conveniently manage risks, receive loans, invest in company development, use trading solutions, and advise on mergers and acquisitions.

The team for the new department will be led by Lara Fabiano, who led the mining department at Fidelity Investments. The rest of the team will include specialists in finance, nontraditional securitization, investment banking and strategic consulting.

The Financial Consulting Center will recruit experienced professionals. The mining division of the company will be created in a third-party DATA center in the USA. According to the representative of the company Chris Ferraro, Galaxy Digital will pay maximum attention to the new direction of activity.