Los mineros de BTC recibieron $ 1.5 mil millones en marzo

In March 2021, miners of the first cryptocurrency set a real record, earning 1.5 billion dollars. These funds were received from cryptocurrency mining and commissions paid during transactions

Today, Bitcoin hashrate is 160 EH/s. However, this figure fluctuates and tends to 200 EH/s. For example, 27.03.2021 hashrate in the network was at the level of 195 EH/s.



Along with the growth of hashrate, so does the complexity of mining. Now this indicator has set ATH, so that miners have to work hard to earn a reward.

The price of cryptocurrency fluctuates in the region of $60,000. According to the research company Arcane Research, in March miners added about 144 blocks to the Bitcoin blockchain. A reward of 6.25 BTC was paid for each block.

The total amount of mining earnings was 900 BTC ($54 million). The rest of the funds were received when commissions were paid. The largest mining pools on the planet are F2pool, Poolin, Antpool, Btc.com and Binance.

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