Bitfarms adquirió 48.000 mineros MicroBT adicionales

The mining company purchased 48,000 miners. Due to the large workload of the manufacturer, new production stations will be handed over to the buyer in 2022

However, this does not confuse the buyer. Bitfarms does the same as many other companies. Pays for the production of products in the hope of getting it faster than miners will get competitors.

Bitfarms is looking forward to the new equipment. The first batch of purchased miners will be shipped closer to January 2022. The rest will be manufactured and sent within 6-12 months.

Thanks to these 48,000 miners hashrate the company will increase to 5.0 EH. This figure will rise from the current 1.0 EH and by the end of 2022, according to the plan, will be more than 8.0 EH.

The head of the mining company said that the choice in favor of MicroBT is not new. The company has previously purchased mining equipment from this manufacturer. Bitfarms has about 12,000 miners in total.

Due to the fact that the complexity of mining is constantly growing, companies that add blocks with transactions to the Bitcoin blockchain, need to constantly update and upgrade equipment. This is the only way to maintain your place in this field.

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