TVL: ATH, razones de crecimiento, proyectos TOP-5 DeFi

TVL (frozen in DeFi smart contracts) is $78.7 billion

At the beginning of March, 38-45 billion dollars were blocked on the Ethereum network. Then came a sharp leap. Almost double the increase in funds in DeFi contracts ensured the transition of many projects to the blockchain cryptocurrency exchange Binance (BSC).

The period of popularity of Binance Smart Chaine fell in February-March, when the Ethereum network dramatically increased transfer fees. Projects, including DeFi, began to look for an alternative. The choice of many fell on the BSC.

Also, it is not necessary to write off two factors related to the increase in the number of blocked tokens:

  • Thanks to the bullish Bitcoin market, a lot of new investors have come to DeFi.
  • Many traders made good profits when BTC went up to $60,000 and then reinvested in DeFi.

As a result, the inflow of investment increased in March, and it turned out that Binance Smart Chaine successfully competes with Ethereum.

Top 5 projects in which tokens are frozen

Looking at the statistics, it is easy to see which projects, according to investors, have the greatest TVL, and therefore - and potential:

  1. WBTC - $7.72 billion
  2. MakerDAO - $6.64 billion
  3. Compound - $6.43 billion
  4. PancakeSwap - $6.05 billion
  5. Aave - $5.38 billion

Analysts say the DeFi boom hasn't stopped with the advent of 2021. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the loss of fiat currency positions, many investors are looking for an alternative to traditional investments. DeFi gives you that opportunity.

Look for more information about projects on the Binance website.

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