Microsoft compró créditos de carbono a través de Cosmos blockchain

The company has acquired carbon credits through a blockchain platform, giving the right to emission 43,338 tons of CO2

CarbonPlus Grassland carbon credits are sold by Regen Network through the Cosmos blockchain platform (ATOM). Atmospheric carbon is recovered from two ranches located in New South Wales, Australia.

The principle of utilizing atmospheric carbon is to convert it into an organic form and then store it for a long time in the soil. At the same time, the harm caused by carbon dioxide to the environment is reduced, and additional benefits for agriculture are provided. After all, plants grow better on carbon-rich soil.

Improving the environment is being handled by Microsoft's recently acquired Impact AG. Thanks to her work, everyone wins. Large companies receive additional quotas for greenhouse gas emissions. And agricultural enterprises saturate their soil with additional carbon.

A farm owner in New South Wales has increased the carbon concentration of their land to 4.5 percent through regulated livestock grazing. The ideal concentration is 4-6 percent. So, they have something to strive for.