El escritor de cómics de DC gana más de $ 1.85 millones con tokens NFT de Wonder Woman

Former DC comics illustrator José Delbo, with the help of “decentralized artists” - Milan art duo Hackatao, sold his Wonder Woman drawing for $273,000.

87-year-old Argentinian Jose Delbo worked as an illustrator for DC on a comic book series about the world famous superheroine Wonder Woman in the late 70s of the last century. He is also known for his work in the Batman and Transformers comic book series.

A total of 914 NFTs were sold at the auction as part of the Heroines series featuring strong female characters. All of them were related to the issue of empowering women.

The tokens sold during the auction included two unique and four limited edition comics. And the maximum number of copies of publications for sale was limited to ten issues.

The work sold by the artist is the most expensive in the series and was named "Heroines - Weight of the World" - an animation depicting Wonder Woman holding the globe on her shoulders.

The work was bought by a participant in the auction with the laconic nickname “888” for 148,888 ETH, which is equivalent to $ 273,157. In total, the creators of the lot have already earned more than $1.85 million in four days.

Given the wild popularity of NFT, the recent sales of superhero-related items, and the popularity of the comics itself, it seems that this will not be the first, and far from the last lot, left under the "crypto hammer".

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