Blockchain protegerá las películas y series de televisión de Disney de la piratería

Disney plans to protect itself from information leakage and illegal distribution of content

This is the first anti-piracy program based on blockchain that Disney uses to protect its audiovisual products. It will be able to provide content on a special Platform Disney Plus, which protects content from copying.



Access to Disney Plus will be through authorised accounts. It is not yet known when the new product will be implemented. But given the scale of the problem, Disney should hurry up.

Video piracy causes tangible harm to producers of unique content. For years, companies have been looking for ways to conveniently and reliably prevent illegal copying of movies and audio files.

However, as Disney representatives admit, most of these methods do not work. But the blockchain has proved itself well. In addition to Disney, similar technology is planned to be used by other content producers.

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