Twitter puede invertir en bitcoins

The popular social network may be the next company to invest in Bitcoin and that's cool, because Twitter's capitalisation is about $54 billion. Even 5% of this amount will be 40% higher than Tesla's investment

As long as Twitter thinks others can take the place. Ed Segal, CFO of Twitter, is well aware of this. The other day he said that the leadership of the social network was thinking about Bitcoin. No decision has been made yet. However, options are still being considered.

According to Segal, Twitter can:

  • Introduce pay to employees at BTC
  • Pay for services, invest;
  • keep Bitcoin on the balance sheet.

So far, the company has the bulk of the money invested in short-term investments, so free money to buy, unlike Tesla, is not enough. Apparently, if Twitter decides to invest, the amount will be much less (200-500 million dollars).

Recall that Elon Musk's company has invested 20% of the capital in Bitcoins. Tesla's total free capital was $6.5 billion.

It's a deliberate decision. Unlike dollars that can be printed, Bitcoin has a limited resource and will only become more expensive. Subscribe to our Telegram and social networks to be the first to know the news of cryptocurrencies.