La propina por pizza en BTC ha crecido un 7000% en 7 años

The courier, who received a 0.0069 BTC tip for pizza delivery in 2013, decided to bring bitcoins to the hot wallet

On Reddit intensively discuss another original case, which is the best way to reveal the full potential of bitcoin. One of reddit's users (nick btcbible) wrote on the site seven years ago that he ordered pizza and offered the courier a choice - either $5 in cash or the equivalent of them in bitcoins on paper.

The guy chose bitcoins as a tip. Although he had no idea how to use them, he was pleased. Especially now, when his tips from 28.12.2013 have grown by 7000%. His $5 turned into $400.

He recently found btcbible online and asked to tell you how to convert these funds into a hot wallet. Bitcoiner gave detailed instructions on how to do this through Electrum. Both sides were pleased!

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