Las aseguradoras suizas ahora aceptan bitcoins

The Swiss AXA announced the start of accepting BTC as a means of payment.

The firm's clients can now pay for any products other than life insurance in the equivalent of Bitcoins. AXA has become a “crypto pioneer” in Switzerland by being the first to offer such a service to consumers. This became possible thanks to the joint work with Bitcoin Suisse brokers.

Global economy has changed during the coronavirus. It became one of the main factors in the decision to introduce digital currencies as a payment, according to AXA representatives. Of course, this was also influenced by the search for other solutions for paying for services from consumers. For them, new technologies play an important role, the company says.

But back in 2019, a third of AXA surveyed clients already reported ownership or interest in cryptocurrencies. Most of the respondents were between 18 and 55 years old.

The benefit for clients when making such payments is that for a certain time they do not risk anything in the event of a sharp change in the Bitcoin rate. In addition, AXA doesn't intend to take additional commissions from those who use digital currency instead of fiat.

The company, in turn, announced that it is not going to store the received Bitcoins on its wallets. All of them will come under the control of Bitcoin Suisse brokers. The latter, by the way, takes a commission of 1.75% when exchanging BTC/CHF.

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