El equipo de béisbol de los Oakland Games llevará a cabo BTC

Baseball team president Dave Kaval said the recent adoption of Bitcoins as a means of payment when buying tickets is a good solution. The team will not convert the cryptocurrency into dollars. Oakland Athletics believes in Bitcoin and will hold

The team made payments in Bitcoins in mid-March. Tickets for 6 people for all 2021 games are available for BTC. At the same time, it was decided that, regardless of the volatility of Bitcoin, they will be accepted for payment all season.

The team will keep the cryptocurrency, as it believes in the first cryptocurrency. Perhaps, if the price of Bitcoin rises, and the team will have additional profits, the management will be able to invite new players.

It is now known that the team has postponed 20 sets of tickets for the 2021 season. They can be bought for BTC. So far, the sales are not active, but the club management hopes that everything will change.

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