General Motors puede comenzar a vender autos por bitcoins

General Motors can follow in Tesla's footsteps by selling its cars for cryptocurrency, but does not intend to invest in it. This was announced by the company's CEO Mary Barra.

General Motors became aware of the potential use of the main cryptocurrency on the market as a means of payment when Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas asked the CEO about it. Barra responded only to clarifying that the company is still looking at the asset and assessing whether customers are interested in using it to pay for the automaker's products.

Although the company has previously been involved in developments related to blockchain. For example, in partnership with Spring Labs a few years ago. Then GM was interested in the use of blockchain for the security of personal data and driverless cars. In addition, General Motors joined the blockchain coalition MOBI, along with other major car companies.

Given that crypto assets are increasingly interested in banking giants such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, big technology companies and car manufacturers are unlikely to give up a share of this "pie"

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