Se subastará el dominio

The most authentic cryptocurrency domain went on sale on GoDaddy. Starting price $100 million

If someone decides to purchase this domain even at its initial cost, it will be the bargain of the century. Before that, the most expensive domain was, which spent $30 million to buy.



Since 2014, this domain has been controlled by Roger Ver. The owner transferred the rights to use it first to the wallet The domain was then loaned to the OKCoin crypto exchange.

Since 2016, a mining service was launched at, and a year later Ver launched a cryptocurrency wallet. He has done a lot to popularise Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Recently, however, he began to overcome trouble.

For a couple of years in a row, he sued Craig Wright, who says he is the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. Ver called Wright a liar.

The court hearings were exhausting. This may have prompted the current domain owner to sell it.

It is worth noting that after fork was used for the purpose of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Supporters of the original BTC have moved to another site - That's why there's an ambiguous attitude to Roger Ver in the cryptosphere.

The most interesting domain sales in crypto-history

It turns out that MicroStrategy, before investing in BTC, owned the aforementioned domain name In 2019, MicroStrategy sold it to As a result, a social network on the EOS cryptocurrency platform was launched on the new domain.

Another high-profile acquisition of domain names in the cryptosphere was Monaco's purchase of a domain name It happened in 2018. Its price was $12 million.

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