Se vació la caché de Bitcoin con $ 26 millones en la cuenta

A BTC wallet that has been asleep for almost 9 years suddenly came to life, appearing on the network yesterday. Its keeper shifted the 616 Bitcoins stored on the account to another cryptocurrency wallet.

In December 2012, 616.2 BTC were transferred to the Bitcoin wallet, when the value of the main cryptocurrency on the market barely reached 13.30. Then the transaction amount was $8,195. Since then, a lot has changed, and most importantly, the price of the crypto asset. That $8,195 for the past 9 years has turned into $26.6 million at Huobi current BTC exchange rate.

According to, the tokens were moved on September 19 at 5:50 UTC, and the amount of the assets owner's savings was increased by 0.00001 BTC due to intermittent transactions received in the account over the past 12 years. Although, of course, “earnings” of $0,47 can hardly be called that. Especially, against the background of the rest of the amount received during the "idle" period of the wallet.

Around ten years ago, BTC investors hardly had high expectations about the future of cryptocurrencies. But those who nevertheless believed in the asset were eventually rewarded with the status of “Bitcoin whales”. One of the similar stories is a $5 million Bitcoin wallet that recently appeared on the network after a long absence since 2010.

In recent years, people are increasingly recalling the drives on which the Bitcoins they once mined are stored, thanks to which dozens of joyful posts appear on social networks. Much sadder are the stories of those who have irretrievably lost access to assets worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

One way or another, we can confidently say that growth of almost 360,000% in 9 years is only possible for such an innovative asset as Bitcoin.

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