Bitcoin 101: The basics you need to know

The rise of cryptocurrency paved the way for investors to buy and trade the most successful coins in the market. Out of all the crypto that you can acquire, no other coins quite match the appeal and grandeur of Bitcoin (BTC). 

Bitcoin is recognized as the first and most valuable cryptocurrency in the market. What used to be a currency to buy boxes of pizza has now become one of the most coveted crypto ever. 

If you want to buy your first BTC, you need to get started with its basic facts and understand everything you need to know about Bitcoin. Own one of the world’s most prominent coins now and start seeing your profits increase in volume and earn a profit. 

Bitcoin’s blockchain explained 

There is a lot to uncover when it comes to Bitcoin’s blockchain. A blockchain is a distributed and immutable ledger that records, distributes, and processes all transactions across networks. One of the best features of a blockchain is that it is tamper-proof because it is made with complex equations. If someone tries to infiltrate the system, in-depth knowledge about blockchain is needed. This is important to keep coins like BTC secure.  

Using this tech allows participants to confirm each transaction without a need for a central authority like how commercial banks are regulated by an authoritative entity. Potential applications may include selling trades, voting, and fund transfers. 

The greatest benefits of Bitcoin’s blockchain are: 

  • Increased transparency 
  • Accurate tracking of transactions
  • Reduction of costs 
  • Permanent ledger 

Unlike banks where it takes days to process, BTC only takes minutes or even seconds to complete. 

How does Bitcoin mining work?

For BTC to enter the circulation, mining has to commence. Bitcoin mining is also a way for the network to confirm new transactions and is a critical aspect of the blockchain’s maintenance and development. 

Bitcoin mining is performed using sophisticated hardware that solves complex problems. The first computer to formulate a solution to the problem will receive the next block of BTC and the process repeats until several blocks are verified. 

There is a certain appeal to Bitcoin mining among investors who are deeply interested in the world of crypto. Part of the reason for the magnetic appeal to investors is the rewards received from the work committed to mining Bitcoin. 

After the verification of each transaction, there will be another encryption process that makes a random sequence of codes called ‘hash’. This acts as the digital signature to legitimise the transaction which means that the mining process is successful. 

Furthermore, you also need to take into account that not all the mined Bitcoin will go to the miner. This is because of halving where the reward from mining is cut in half. This halves Bitcoin’s inflation rate resulting in the new value of coins entering the blockchain’s circulation. 

Should you buy Bitcoin? 

Today, crypto has never seen this much success. With several altcoins that follow the Bitcoin route, it’s safe to say that investing in the world’s most prominent crypto coin is a wise move regardless of how the market moves. 

There are more sponsorships and mergers formed with a lot of crypto companies. The latest example is the acquisition of to the famous NBA franchise’s stadium name, Staples Center. 

This proves that the crypto market is ever so growing, and it’s only beginning to see the surface of its true potential. Now that you learned everything you need to know about Bitcoin, it’s now time to begin your crypto adventure and invest in the most successful crypto in the world. 

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