El director del Banco de Corea considera inestable la subida del precio de los bitcoins

The recent speech by Lee Ju-yeol, the head of the Bank of Korea, drew negative criticism from Bitcoin supporters

The fact is that the head of the bank said that the rally of Bitcoins is not confirmed, and therefore - can not be considered a serious basis for investment. According to him, BTC and other cryptocurrencies have no internal value. This is due to their high volatility.

In the words of Li Ju-yel, the Bitcoin rally has a temporary effect. It's just that big investors have finally entered the market, and this has led to an increase in interest in digital assets.

Because of the high volatility of cryptocurrencies, they do not have a chance to become a mature payment tool. Their price is impossible to guess. So, despite the massive purchase of Bitcoins by Tesla, MicroStrategy and other companies, this does not stabilise the situation, but further shakes the boat.

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