Token IOTA envuelto lanzado en Binance Smart Chain

The IOTA team in their blog shared the happy news that now their wrapped token is launched within the framework of their own blockchain cryptocurrency exchange - Binance Smart Chain.

Even today, everyone whose portfolio has IOTA will be able to use a wrapped token in DeFi applications within the network of one of the largest crypto exchanges. For example, use it to place bets, finance and other ways to generate income based on Binance Smart Chain.

The guys from IOTA consider integration with Binance as an increase in liquidity in several networks and are preparing for the fact that other assets in the future will also be able to connect to the IOTA blockchain.

Customers of the exchange will be able to receive Binance IOTA in a ratio of 1:1. Users are offered to exchange their cryptocurrency on BEP IOTA using the Binance Bridge service. It works both ways and, if necessary, will provide an opportunity to return its Binance IOTA to the original network.

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