Theta Network irrumpe en el top ten en CoinMarketCap

Token of a team creating a new generation of streaming video - Theta Network managed to break into the top 10 at CoinMarketCap. If at the end of February its value barely reached $3, today it has already broken the mark of $13.

Naturally, in addition to the value of the token, THETA has grown the total capitalisation of the project, reaching 13.2 billion dollars. Over the past week, the growth of the cryptocurrency exceeded 70%, easily reaching its historical high. And only in the last 24 hours the token managed to add 26% in price.

In early March, the project team announced the release of Theta version 2.2.0 code on GitHub, adding performance improvements that have been tested over several weeks.

But the skyrocketing value of the token came after the news on March 16th  that startup Theta received a U.S. patent for micropayments to support decentralised video and data delivery. Since then, its price has increased from $7.25 to $13.20.

In march, the project's news background also flashed the mention that Sony Europe had joined Theta's validator program. Now a subsidiary of Sony will monitor the corporate hub of validator, located in Europe.

By the way, the company was not the first tech giant to join Theta. Previously, Samsung and Google have already done this.

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