El precio del token EOS se dispara a $ 8.83

The cost of one EOS token approached the $9 mark. The last time fans of this coin could see such numbers was in 2018.

EOS was most discussed during the ICO boom era, when Block one was able to raise 4 billion for the project to create the EOSIO software. Now, the token price has almost tripled. One of the main reasons for this was the “altcoin season”.

The PowerUp system contract has proven to be one of the best solutions to the problem of transaction fees, which have now become a major obstacle to the ETH blockchain. The PowerUp model implies that each user must pay for a resource he puts his EOS tokens on the line and receives a kind of dividend, the amount of which depends on how much coins he “invested” in the system. Or you can pay a small fee to enable “boost” for your account for a day using CPU and network bandwidth. Such an opportunity will definitely attract more attention from customers, especially against the backdrop of the congestion of the Ethereum blockchain.

Another boost for EOS pricing came on April 1, when Block one reminded the cryptocommunity about EOSIO on their Twitter account. The release of the test network was the most high-profile event for EOS since the launch of the protocol several years ago and encouraged those who lost hope of the project after EOS founder Dan Larimer left it. Against the backdrop of positive news, the price of the token began to grow several times more actively, having stalled before that at $4.38, according to Binance data.

Google Cloud has piqued token fans even more by becoming the biggest partner of the EOSIO hackathon and helping the EOS team to help create dApps that will determine not only the future of cryptoindustry, but also its participation in cloud services. Under the auspices of Google, EOS intends to promote the integration of blockchain technology for cloud computing and data storage. The news has spurred the interest of institutional investors who have turned their attention to EOS for the first time in recent years.

Since the end of January, when the value of EOS hovered around $2.40, the coin has managed to add more than 250% in price, setting yesterday its high in the last few years $8.83 on Binance.

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