Dogecoin Sparkles - $ 0.668

Incredible things are happening on the crypto market. DOGE for the week soared in price by 108.79%. It's not a joke anymore!

The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency exceeded $80 billion. And for the 4 months of 2021 11,000%. This is a real success for DOGE and investors.

In April, the cryptocurrency rose to 43 cents, but did not go higher. The real record has been set in the last 24 hours. Cryptocurrency DOGE rose by 52%.

We have already talked about what factors led to the rise in the price of cryptocurrency. This is the listing on eToro and Gemini, as well as the efforts made by Elon Musk. What's next?

Opinions in the cryptosphere are divided. Some think that one dollar can be reached within 24 hours. Thanks to one big jerk.

If this happens and DOGE rises from $0.008 to $1, the original investors will make a huge profit. Dogecoin will also take third place in the top, beating the BNB.

Others believe that a rebound and subsequent consolidation are possible. The reason is that the whales held DOGE for a long time, and when one dollar is reached they can merge the cryptocurrency into new hands.

Let's see how the situation develops. At the time of writing, the price of DOGE is $0.60.

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