La nueva ficha de Baby Doge llamó la atención de DOGE y SHIB

Dogecoin and Shiba Inu suddenly have a new competitor who is ready to fight for Elon Musk's love. His name is Baby Doge.

The eccentric billionaire recently made the crypto community jittery again, reminding him of his loyalty to Doge with a few tweets. The token itself did not react in any way to Musk's attempts to "pump". A little later, it turned out that in his tweets he was talking about another cryptocurrency called Baby Doge Coin. In support of this, Musk paraphrased a children's song about Baby Shark, replacing the main character with Baby Doge.

The allusion to the word "baby" turned out to be in place since not even a month has passed since the creation of this token. However, if we talk about the price, then since June 12 it has shown an increase of more than 550%. Despite this, the token is practically "priceless", since today its value is $0.000000001516.

Baby Doge partly shares the symbolism of the original in the person of Dogecoin but has nothing to do with it from a technical point of view. Dogecoin operates within its blockchain, while Baby Doge is a token operating on top of “foreign” blockchain infrastructure. This BEP-20 token is developed based on the Binance Smart Chain, which makes it similar to another representative of the “canine” - Shiba Inu, which recently became a hit on Coinbase.

The Baby Doge development team said they have learned the "tricks" of their "meme father DOGE" and intend to impress him and users with improved transaction processing speed. They also wanted to get their portion of attention from Elon Musk, and, apparently, successfully achieved what they wanted.

Some users jokingly linked Musk's interest in the newly-minted cryptocurrency with the fact that he recently had a Shiba Inu puppy named Floki. Perhaps against the background of this, the billionaire became even more sentimental towards the followers of Dogecoin.

Time will tell if this token will be able to enter the TOP of Musk's favorite cryptocurrencies. Anyway, he has already attracted the lion's share of attention to himself, so it's unlikely that the DOGE and SHIB community will let us forget about Baby Doge.

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