La plataforma Shoyu NFT de los desarrolladores de SushiSwap se lanzará en agosto

One of the main developers of Shoyu, an NFT platform from SushiSwap, spoke about the progress of the project. According to him, only thanks to the help from the crypto community, the launch of the platform became possible in August this year.

The developers shared their progress in a post on the Sushi forum, in which they talked in more detail about what they intend to do soon. Among the primary tasks: development of the interface, infrastructure for placing art objects, as well as work on the caching layer.

The developer who introduced Shoyu gave users a guarantee that the release of versions v0, v1 and v2 will take place within the next year, as they intend to regularly update the platform, making it even more convenient for both creators and potential buyers.

When creating the platform design, the developers were inspired by the Japanese aesthetics, trying to draw on its sensuality. Which is not surprising if you even remember the name of their main project. In addition, one of the main tasks of the team is to make it so pleasant for artists to showcase their art.

Among the features offered by the site to its creators are:

  • Integration with MISO Launch Pad and NFT royalty distribution
  • Support for multi-format non-fungible tokens (AR, 3D, etc.)
  • The ability to store files up to 500 MB, support for their download and playback
  • Fractional NFT support from multiple addresses
  • The author independently distributes the royalties
  • Convenient NFT cataloging and labeling for categorization
  • Intuitive search for works by a specific author, either by title, genre, color and many other parameters
  • A separate page with the author's profile, where you can follow the work, send messages and add favorites to the gallery
  • Cheaper minting due to multi-chain support
  • Detailed statistics of posted works (average sales cost, minting costs, total sales and other indicators)

The release of version v0 is planned for August, the release of versions v1 and v2 in November 2021 and January 2022, respectively.

The most ambitious desire of the developers is to create a whole three-dimensional metaverse within the framework of their product, which will turn into a kind of social network for artists and connoisseurs of their work.

As for the SUSHI token, it was not inspired by the positive news. It continues to maintain a downtrend, trading at $8.31 on Binance, and daily trading volume fell 3%.

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