Sam Bankman-Fried duda del valor de NFT

The head of cryptocurrency exchange FTX still doubts that investing in NFT is reliable. According to him, despite the general interest in non-fungible tokens, the vast majority of buyers do not know what to do with them.

In an interview with CNBC today, Sam Bankman-Fried expressed low-key optimism about the future of NFT, highlighting their insane growth. The crypto billionaire stated that non-fungible tokens are becoming popular faster than anything he has ever seen.

According to him, investors should be more careful with financial investments in such assets, because by acquiring them, capitals become vulnerable to rapid changes in market dynamics. Freed also noted that most NFT buyers are not sufficiently knowledgeable about how they invest their money in work.

The head of FTX mentioned the fact that a similar "conversion of interest" has occurred with clients of his exchange in their desire to purchase digital currencies. Nevertheless, they can question a new asset in the market, doubting its benefits and growth prospects when it comes to financial injections.

Another factor in the uncertainty of the future of NFT, according to Bankman-Fried, is that, unlike the cryptocurrency market, non-fungible tokens have not yet passed the test of changing trends from bullish to bearish, and vice versa. So for now, this kind of asset is enjoying the "good times", making ever-larger record highs leading to cultural acceptance. He even suggested that in the case of parallel growth of DeFi, the cryptocurrency market will be able to maintain such crazy dynamics of NFT growth in the long term.

One way or another, the world's largest corporations and businessmen continue to invest in various digital artifacts in the NFT equivalent. So, Justin Sun recently admitted to purchasing a non-fungible token from the EtherRock collection for $580,000, and Visa acquired one of the CryptoPunks for $150,000. NFTs are trending today, so they continue to confidently gain momentum in the crypto community against the background of daily spending in tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars.

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