NFT CryptoPunk #7523 se vendió por $ 11,8 millones

Another NFT "CryptoPunk" went under the hammer for $11.8M during the Sotheby's auction.

This time the avatar called “CryptoPunk #7523” became the trophy of the NFT fans. It, like all the other pixel pictures in this series, was created by Larva Labs in 2017. But who would then have thought that for the image of an alien character with strange skin color and a medical mask on his face, people would be ready to give almost 12 million dollars?

During the "Natively Digital: A Curated NFT Sale" auction, more than 27 digitized art objects were sold for a total of $17.1 million, the lion's share of which was "taken" by CryptoPunk. Judging by the data available on the network, this non-fungible token was acquired in 2017 at a price of 8 ETH, which was a “penny” amount in comparison with its current value.

The collector who owns “COVID Alien” said before the sale that he had bought the avatar as part of an over-the-counter deal. After the announcement of the completion of the sale of the lot, he tweeted with obvious irony that “NFTs are dead”, once again clarifying that the avatar was sold for 4520 ETH.

The new owner of the NFT is Israeli entrepreneur Shalom Meckenzie who happened to be one of the shareholders of the sports firm DraftKings.

If this does not mean that NFTs are still relevant, then it is difficult for us to imagine how much the sale amount of the next art object should be in order to convince even the most inveterate skeptics of the viability of non-fungible tokens.

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