Beeple vende nueva obra maestra de NFT en Christie's por $ 29 millones

Auction house Christie's announced the sale of a non-fungible token from artist Beeple for $28.98 million.

HUMAN ONE is a 3D rectangular video sculpture with LED screens. All of them play a video with a lone astronaut walking on an alien planet. His "spacesuit", however, like some other elements, are references to science fiction literature and pop culture of the 1980s and 1990s. Beeple himself called the creation "a portrait of the first person born in the metaverse."

The estimated cost of the HUMAN ONE art object during the auction at Christie’s was about $15 million. But as a result, it was sold to an online member from Switzerland for almost double the amount of $28.98 million.

An expensive piece of art has several interesting features. First, the images and objects surrounding the walking astronaut are randomly selected from a pool of one-minute clips created by the author of HUMAN ONE and available through the Ethereum blockchain. Secondly, according to Beeple, he created an inextricable link through the art object between the creator and the present, as well as any of the future owners of the non-fungible token. Since in the future the artist will be able to modify or change the images broadcast on the screens of the object.

Recall that in March this year, a painting by digital artist Beeple called EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 500 DAYS was sold at Christie's for $69.3 million. This digital asset has also become the most expensive NFT in the history of the industry.

Meanwhile, the volume of trading in non-fungible tokens in the third quarter of this year exceeded 10 billion, which is 38,000% more than in the same period last year. Therefore, HUMAN ONE is unlikely to be the last multi-million-dollar NFT deal.

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