Adobe presenta la nueva funcionalidad NFT de Photoshop para artistas digitales

An Adobe representative announced a collaboration with the largest NFT marketplace OpenSea and announced functionality for instantly converting images into non-interchangeable objects using Photoshop.

Adobe's Chief Product Officer Scott Belsky talked about the ability to transform your images and photos into NFT using Photoshop in the latest installment of The Verge's Decoder podcast.

The new feature will help people quickly verify ownership of a specific non-fungible token, and others see detailed information about the creator of the object, Belsky said. He emphasized that the idea is based on an open-source cryptographic method for proof of authorship, and the development is likely to be in high demand among contemporary artists.

Adobe partners in the NFT world will be not only OpenSea but other equally popular marketplaces. Among them: KnowOrigin, SuperRare, and Rarible. All of them will display metadata in accordance with the "Content Authenticity Initiative" (CAI), which Adobe has implemented in its own Creative Could tools. The Photoshop update is available today for beta testers, and the release is planned to be released a little later.

In addition, during the annual MAX conference, Adobe announced other innovations, ushering in a "new era for digital artists." The Adobe website will now allow users to attach cryptocurrency wallets to their own web portfolio. The company chose Solana, Flow, Polygon, and Tezos as the first blockchain to be supported.

These wallets can be linked to NFTs created by creators, which will be another confirmation of the identity of its author. The interface will also contain a blue “match” button if the wallet's crypto address matches the one from which the non-fungible token was minted.

The popularity of NFT leads to the fact that more and more institutions, especially among representatives of tech giants, are interested in this technology, so Adobe is unlikely to be the last one to decide to implement solutions related to non-fungible tokens in their products.

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