Superchief Gallery opens NFT exhibition

In an effort to keep up with progressive colleagues from Sotheby's and Christie's online platforms, the Superchief Gallery in New York is ready to present its first physical exhibition of NFT objects to its visitors.

As part of it, visitors will get acquainted with the works of 300 artists, after which they will sell in the format of the auction. First, the gallery staff place the works in the gallery for 72 hours, and then arrange an auction for the same time period of 72 hours, during which visitors can buy a copy of the work of an artist in the form of NFT-tokens.

The latter will be presented on 4K screens, diagonal from 49 to 90 inches. After winning the bidding, collectors who bought NFT will be able to place these screens in their homes.

The founder of Superchief stressed the need to showcase the works of so many artists, explaining that it is possible to create a successful movement only by connecting to a huge number of voices and views. Therefore, the gallery strives to cover as much work as possible, proving that digital art deserves attention as much as traditional. And also insist that the royalties of the artist will never be taken away by anyone.

The exhibition has been called the "Season One Starter Pack," which may be a reference to video games, where they are so-called add-ons (DLC). Perhaps, this way management tried to note that games have also long been one of the main forms of digital art, and not just entertainment for a few evenings.

Like yesterday's statement from the Russian Hermitage, the exhibition is presented as "one of the first." While the world-famous collection of pixel NFT avatars "Cryptopunks", was demonstrated in 2017 at a cost of several million dollar, and such industry pioneers as Kevin Abosch, fueled interest in art based on blockchain long before the appearance of the concept of NFT

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