Engineers from Carnegie Mellon University Invented a Robot that can Chop Vegetables

A team of developers from Carnegie Mellon University taught a robot to cut vegetables (cucumbers and tomatoes) without assistance. It is able to recognize the size of objects then based on these data it can find the optimal place of taking and calculate the width of the slices. For this robot, a special algorithm was written that helped him repeat the human movement. It should be noted that chopping vegetables requires processing a huge amount of data. This robot is able to analyze objects, in order not to deform the shape of soft objects it interprets the consistency. This device was trained independently using several photos of already cut vegetables. With these photos, the robot “understood” what thickness should slices be in order not to deform the shape. After that engineers moved to the second stage - the training method of the imitation movement. In the beginning, the experts controlled the manipulator which hold a knife on their own and then the robot managed to repeat human movements. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: