Digital Week Online

The future of digitalization, 4IR, artificial intelligence, Blockchain, smart cities - all of this will be discussed at Digital Week Online, the most ambitious event with the participation of 10 governments and more than 200 speakers. 

Building on the success of the event in May 2020, which featured 170 speakers, it was decided to host an even larger event. The Digital Week Online will bring together governments, innovators and entrepreneurs. The event will take place on October 12-16. 

Digital Week Online offers a global state-of-the-art Digital 360 program that highlights all of the latest trends: the fourth industrial revolution, Society 5.0 - a concept coined by the Japanese government, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, blockchain, smart cities, digital marketing, fintech, Big Data, privacy, and cybersecurity, corporate innovation, and more.

The event will include panels with InvestHK, UNESCO, Tencent, Siemens, SOSV, Hyundai, Deloitte, Draper Dragon Fund, PrivacyRules and the largest venture and fast-growing startups. Digital Week Online is an online summit bringing together digital and technology entrepreneurs, creators, investors, innovators, leading corporations and governments. 

In a time of uncertainty, technology and digital experts need to come together to find solutions to build a better future for humanity.

Digital Week Online features over 200 of the world's leading speakers from over 100 countries on 5 continents, with a direct reach of 5,000 attendees and an indirect reach of 1 million, given the digital social media streaming that reaches about 10 million people.

Digital Week Online will also host a Startup Competition and Pitch Sessions where aspiring entrepreneurs will receive feedback from top investors and experts. Given the situation with the pandemic, the organizers refused to charge participation fees. Startups can apply for a pitch on the event website.

The ticket can be purchased at this link:


The event was organized by the Eurasian Center for Innovation and Digital Economy, Invest Show and Uvecon.VC with the support of InvestHK (Government of Hong Kong  and ), Grabba (  ) is a leading identity identification solution with strategic partners citiesabc and openbusinesscouncil 


Sponsored by Blockchain of the Day - BTCU is a new fork of Bitcoin, which will take place on October 27 and will expand the functionality of the leading cryptocurrency.


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