YouTube Got a New Feature

Google has pleased users with an improved new feature – stickers and animations. They were created so that stream viewers could express their emotions to a content creator.

More than 100,000 channels already use this new feature. To date, 8 sticker packs have been proposed for use, 5 of them are animated. To take advantage of the new function, channels have to meet requirements:

  • channel monetization is configured;
  • the author of the channel is an adult;
  • the channel has 1000 subscribers and more;
  • the function is supported in the region of the author.

As you know, the public platform for video content is developing and every day there are new features that make life easier for both ordinary users and content makers. Although at first glance this seems like an unimportant update, it is the sort of small innovations the YouTube platform development process consists of.

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