YouTube Demonetize Videos for the LGBTQ Community

YouTube Demonetize Videos for the LGBTQ Community

Representatives of the LGBTQ community are concerned that their contents are being demonetized, as they fall under “strange categories”. YouTube stated that the platform “does not demonetize LGBTQ content automatically”, and that a monetization system that determines whether a video is suitable for displaying ads or not, as well as its recommendation system, work independently. The algorithm is designed to ensure that the “system is honest.”

But it is worth remarking that questions about YouTube’s strange behavior in relation to such content have been arising for more than a year. Many representatives of the LGBTQ claimed that their videos were hidden or demonetized due to the word “shemale” in their title. In August 2018, YouTube got into an interesting situation when anti-LGBTQ ads began to appear on the video for the LGBTQ community.

“We have a machine-learning fairness initiative,” – the YouTube representatives said, – “to make sure that our algorithms and the ways our machines work are fair. We want to have all different voices expressing different points of views.”

This does not mean that everything works as intended, sometimes the machine learning tools on YouTube are wrong, and the company does not deny it.

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