You Can Now Shop at IKEA through a Mobile App

According to Reuters, a major Swedish chain of furniture and household good stores IKEA will let its customers make purchases using a special mobile app. Although the app existed before, earlier it only allowed to look through catalogues, but not order goods.

The new app is meant to make shopping quicker and more convenient, because it eliminates the need to go to the store and pick products there. Sometimes IKEA locations are pretty remote, so the trip there could occupy a good chunk of the day. Now all the shopping can be done in a few clicks.

Besides choosing goods, you can also enter the dimensions of your room into the app to make sure the furniture fits in there. Different filters are also going to help with the selection.

It is a completely new experience. The app is combined with the store experience, with the online experience,” said Barbara Martin Coppola, IKEA’s chief digital officer.

Firstly, IKEA app will be launched in the Netherlands and France. By the end of the year, customers from Germany, the US, China and a few other countries will also have access to it.

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