You Can Now Catch Smeargle in Pokemon Go

The beloved game of millions of people all over the world, Pokemon Go, received an important update. Although there were some technical difficulties for some players, this update was far from being as controversial as 7.40 patch for Fortnite.

Nintendo added a couple of important, long-awaited features into the game in this update, and today we will take a closer look at Pokemon Go Snapshot and how to catch Smeargle.

Who is Smeargle and how to catch it?

Smeargle is a pokemon (short for pocket monster) that is number 235 on the Pokedex, the player’s personal pokemon collection. Smeargle is best known for its territory marking using the fluid that comes out of its tail.


For some period of time, this pokemon was not available in the game, and Pokemon Go trainers couldn’t catch it.

Now Smeargle is back, but it doesn’t it will be easy to get it. There are a couple of things that you need to have/install in order to see the pokemon in your collection. The main one is also the new development of Nintendo, which has recently come out for iOS and Android devices, called Pokemon Go Snapshot.

Pokemon Go Snapshot

Nintendo have announced the release of their Snapshot feature on their Twitter. The new update will allow players to take pics of their Pokemons. Unfortunately, it is not available for everybody, only the trainers with Level 5 and higher will be able to snap their pocket monsters.

Moreover, the fans of the game quickly published a detailed guide on how to use Snapshot.

So, in order to catch Smeargle, you will need to install Pokemon Go Snapshot and use it, taking photos of as many pokemons as you can. Afterwards, Smeargle will appear on the map.

Multiple players have already reported their successful attempts of trying to encounter Smeargle. Among the problems that arose with the update, we wanted to point out the fact that sometimes the game crashed, when a player tried to snap too many pics. Moreover, some Pokemon trainers had to download a separate Augmented Reality feature in order to use Pokemon Go Snapshot.

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