Yandex Has Learned to Detect Viruses for Hidden Mining

The company Yandex has equipped its browser with a protection against viruses, forcing users’ computers to mine cryptocurrency for the benefit of intruders.

The principle of operation is quite simple. The browser analyzes the CPU load while the user is on a certain site. In case a user visits the site and the CPU load rises, the system signals a possible malicious script. If the check confirms the presence of such a script, then the browser blocks it, while the site remains available with the only difference that the script can no longer run the mining process on the user’s computer.

An expert on antiviruses working at Kaspersky Lab Alexei Malanov said that although the detection of such scripts through the analysis of the CPU load is a good idea, this method has its drawbacks.

“First, mining scripts can limit downloading to cause less suspicion. Secondly, there are likely false positives on sites that use a high load for legal purposes … If a computer is old, even the playback of streaming video can give a false signal”, Malanov said.

But for example, Sergey Kuznetsov, who is the head of the department of technical support of products and services of Eset Russia believes that the best protection against illegal mining is advertising blockers, which Microsoft also agrees with.

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