Xiaomi Presents New Smartphone Mi CC For Young People

Xiaomi Presents New Smartphone Mi CC For Young People

While Huawei is battling with the U.S. government, its Chinese competitor Xiaomi launches new trendy smartphones which are aimed to become popular among the young and fashionable population.

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The newest smartphone “Mi CC” was unveiled on Friday, CC in the name of the device stands for “camera+camera”, while sometimes it can be referred to as “chic, cool, colorful and creative.” Xiaomi explained that the TA of the product is “the global young generation,” who care more about aesthetics than performance.

So far, Xiaomi has built its brand on good smartphones at affordable prices. The popularity of the brand on a global arena was achieved by the good quality of technical details and attractive designs. This time Mi CC adjusts that balance to target a different kind of audience. However, no details on CC’s look and where it will be sold have been mentioned so far.

“Mi CC is created by one of the youngest product teams in Xiaomi, among which half are art majors and are dedicated to creating a trendy design for young consumers,” Xiaomi wrote in an announcement.

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