Xiaomi Develops a Smart Heating Mattress

Xiaomi has begun fundraising through the Youpin collective funding platform for a new and unusual smart gadget. A mattress called Chanitex Smart Temperature Controlled Mattress with heating will be especially useful in cold winter and autumn nights. As the manufacturer explains, the technology used in their development distinguishes it from ordinary electric blankets.

The mattress contains several cotton layers and polyvinyl chloride pipes in the middle, which is responsible for heating. Electricity is not transmitted inside the mattress – it heats the module, which can be installed on the bedside furniture, the module heats the water, which then flows through the tubes. As a result, this mattress is safe for children and the elderly. It automatically shuts off after 15 hours of work. There is also protection against leak, lack of water, overheating, and so on.

You can control the temperature through the MIJIA application, the temperature range is from 25 to 60 °C. The highest temperature can be used for tick prevention.

First buyers can buy Chanitex Smart Temperature Controlled Mattress for $197, the usual retail price is likely to be higher. Deliveries should begin very soon, October 27th.

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