Will the New Samsung Galaxy 10 Have an Embedded Crypto Wallet?

As we mentioned in an article of ours, there were rumors about Samsung’s flagman, Galaxy 10, having an inbuilt crypto wallet, but they were not confirmed by the official representatives of Samsung.

We remind you:

Samsung Galaxy 10 Will Not Have an Inbuilt Crypto Wallet

However, some info was leaked that might actually prove the fact that a Crypto wallet app is present on Galaxy 10.

A Twitter-user Gregory Blake published a couple of screenshots of the new phone, and it can be seen on the picture that there is an app called “Samsung Blockchain KeyStore”. Allegedly, once activated, it allows users to control their crypto funds, send and receive digital coins.

According to Blake’s screenshots, it can be seen that Ethereum is the only cryptocurrency supported by the app on the prototype phone, however, one picture included graphics that seemed similar to Bitcoin, so it is a possibility that BTC will be added after launch.

To be 100% sure of everything, we have to wait until Samsung Galaxy 10 is released. Currently, it is only available for merchants.

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